Sasha (bender_927) wrote in black_hair_etc,

How're we doing, ladies?

This post is something of a progress report and advice forum combined.

I want everyone to talk about what they've been trying to accomplish, how far they've come, their methods, alternate methods you're thinking of trying if it's not working out, etc. Maybe other members will have knowledge of your issue and post constuctive feedback. You never know.

For me, my hair is resting on the base of my neck and would be on my back if I took it out of my braids / straightened it. That's the longest it's possibly ever been, so I'm pleased. My methods are still very basic. I wash with Pantene Relaxed and Natural, condition with VO5, deep condition with Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Packs, do the occasional Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer spritz, and wear it in protective styles like braids and rope twists. Hair's gonna grow no matter what, so not ripping it out seems to be doing the trick. I still have hyperpigmentation and stretch marks, but that's because I haven't tried anything on them yet. Some chick did my make-up for graduation and I've since learned the use of a good foundation, though.

What about you?
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