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hair growth update (first post here)

so just two days ago I got a relaxer from hairstalent. that makes it 13 weeks since I had my last relaxer which means, according to my normal growth rate, I would have had an inch and a quarter of growth. but I also got my hair cut at home in the middle of january 2-3 inches, I never got it straightened so I didn't measure. I also got a little trim at hairstalent, probably no more than half an inch. my ends are perfectly blunt now, and I won't be trimming for half a year, not including dusting. speaking of dusting, I just did that today. I know, I'm getting scissor crazy. but it's not like I loose length by dusting, and I like blunt ends. I don't see many split-ends, but white break points near my ends. there's no way to really get rid of those, grr...

so I measured my ends it measures 23 inches. just two inches away from waist length! I feel like I can reach any length now! so if my calculations are correct, if my hair was 24 inches last relaxer, 3 months has pasted, and they're 23 inches... according to my normal growth rate I should have been 25 1/2 to 26 inches. probably would have been 26 because I've been using growth aids. it adds up because 26 minus 3 = 23, my current length. but at least since my ends are so even my hair will grow out more even, too. 

 hair after hairstalent                                                                 

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