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Flat iron + curling iron recommendations?

I've been browsing Folica for 2 weeks for one of each of the above mentioned hair appliance. I cant bring myself to make a definite purchase because there's always a handful of user comments in the review section  that are essentially "WORST APPLIANCE EVER!!!! DONT BE FOOLED BY THE HYPE!!!!!". They're the clear minority, but I cant help but wonder!

Products under strong consideration:I've heard good AND bad things about CHI and Sedu, hence my indecisiveness. Really, if you have good things to say about ANY brands, I've love to hear from people who I can at least guarantee arent marketing plants. :P Further info, for what it's worth --

Present appliances:
  • Fahrenheit (ceramic "Clip Grip Digital Curler") -- $30. It's been less than 3 months and it's already starting to chip.
  • Kiyoseki ("Mineral Ceramic" flat iron) -- $16. I suspect it wont last more than 6 months.
The latter was an emergency purchase from 2 weeks ago because the Hot Tools brand ("Ceramic Ti Tourmaline") flat iron I purchased 3 months ago ($45) suddenly stopped heating. It has a 1 year warranty, but I'm already a little put off by Hot Tools because of this mishap.

Prior to all this, I had a ConAir 2-in-1 ceramic flat iron/curling iron (less than $30) that lasted for what seemed like 4 years. It was flawless. If I can find it, I might just go back to that if all else fails. Other than that --

General Preferences:
  • Marcel handle (for curling iron).
  • Temperature control (digital or "dialer" style; doesn't matter).
  • Ceramic plates/barrels (not metal or "gold").
  • Brands that you think are averse to burning/"browning"/chipping under reasonably moderate temperatures.
I had a wonderful experience with a low-priced marcel handle version years ago; love how it doesnt snag your hair. Would invest in one with more staying power if they're indeed out there. But honestly, if you know of any quality spring-style handle curlers that get the job done well, I'm totally open to recs.

Bottom line? Help me cut through the inflated hype, bells, and whistles. I get that most of the buzz words ("ionic", "tourmaline"), are just that -- buzz words to market products. It's also said that more expensive tools = higher quality products. I'm partly compelled to believe this, because I've never paid more than $40 for hair appliances, and have to replace them within 1-2 years (OR LESS, CLEARLY). But of course, I'm happy to spend less if prices are truly irrelevant as far as informing quality.
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