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Suggestions for light protein treatments?

Background reference: My hair has been natural for the past 10 years or so, I don't heat style ever, and I just cut about three inches of split and damaged ends off yesterday.

I think my hair is having porosity issues, as it rarely feels soft and moist. It takes forever to feel fully soaked in the shower. I've been deep conditioning weekly for the past couple of months and use supposedly non-stripping, moisture infusing products, but I don't really see any difference from when I used to just condition 5 minutes in the shower after washing. (Granted, I was alternating cowashing and shampooing in the past, but still, you'd think adding a 30 minute DC to the routine would help even if I did switch back to simply shampooing once a week.)

After doing some reading on the intarnets, I feel like protein treatments are the way to go toward correcting some of the damage, but I'm worried that somehow I'll overdo it in the opposite direction and end up with hair that's still dry and crunchy, but in a different way.

So my question to you, dear ladies (and gents), is what are your suggestions for light protein treatments you've used personally? I tried the Ion Effective Care Treatment last wash day, and I didn't experience any noticeable difference afterwards. Maybe my expectations were simply too high and I shouldn't have expected instant results? And has anyone tried Original Moxie's Re-Wind Protein Treatment? I've been eying it for the past week or so, since I've heard good things about their product line and prefer to use all natural products, but man, it's expensive! (And one of the few items they don't have samples of D:) I'd rather not spend that much money on a product I'm not even sure will work for me. I'm also open to trying any homemade protein treatment recipes, but I'd prefer them to be vegan if possible.

Also, is elasticity tied into porosity in ay way? I've been watching a lot of Youtube hair vids lately, and am terribly jealous of how most of the girls' hair pulls and stretches, then snaps back like a teeny rubberband when wet. My hair will stretch, but then sort of stay there all puffy and sad. I don't know if it's just one of those things that varies from person to person, or if it's another sad sign of weak, damaged hair :C


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