elizabeth (speckofinfinity) wrote in black_hair_etc,


I've been thinking pretty seriously about getting dreadlocks for some time now...

My main reason for wanting them is that it's such a pain in the ass to deal with my natural hair, and I'm sick to death of extensions. My hair looks like this right now:

It's very very curly and I've been just wearing it in two braids all the time. I only comb it with my fingers because it's just too painful any other way. I don't want to keep doing this because it's just such a little-kid hairstyle. It's also quite dry & brittle, so straightening it is pretty much out of the question unless I want to damage it badly..

Anyway, I was wondering.. Are there any resources online I should know about that could answer the basic questions, like if I can/should do them myself and how much maintenance they usually take?

Would it look terrible if I got them and then dyed them? I've always found black extensions too overwhelming for my face, and my natural hair colour is near black..

I'd really like to keep them small & neat.. is this super difficult?

Are there any alternatives to dreadlocks you can think of that would work for my hair?

Thanks so much in advance =)
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