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hairstalent review

after several bad relaxers in a row I've finally had a wonderful relaxer day! I've said in a past post that I was starting to hate relaxer days because all my stylists seemed like they were trying to ruin my hair. I got it under processed twice, badly corrected, and got scalp burns twice. I had never experienced this before. I saw hairstalent on youtube and this stylists looked like she knew exactly what she's doing. plus, she's white! but please don't judge her negatively for that. her name is gina rivera. she's has had an interest in curly hair and has been working with black hair for 30 plus years. just look her up. she knows a lot more than most black salon stylists, if not all. and she cares for health. she also knows how to do thermal relaxing on black hair in  a way that's less damaging than relaxing.

I live in new jersey, so I traveled two hours away to see her (by dragging my poor dad with me). she based my scalp, applied my relaxed neatly and not on my scalp. and when I say not on my scalp, I mean NOT on my scalp. and she used a mild mizani relaxer for color treated on my under processed hair. I think it's all gone but I won't know for sure until I wash it. when I went under the sink she spent 15 minutes rinsing my hair thoroughly to get rid of every molecule of relaxer. the relaxer also comes with a deep conditioned it and an optional trim. when I came home my mom said my hair looked indian. she couldn't believe I was going to a white stylist before. 

the bad is the commute. I don't want to bother my dad again and my mom hates driving long distances. ms.rivera suggested that someone can just drop me at new york, I can take the train, and she could pick me up from the station, but the train ride costs $60 round trip I think. I have to hurry up and get my license! another thing is that I didn't get to use "fred", the name of the steamer. I find my hair loves steaming and I thought she'd but me under while I was deep conditioning. oh well, maybe next time.

she also told me I'd be a good candidate for thermal conditioning. with this process my hair will lay down more, have no weak point between my new growth and relaxed hair, and it's a healthier alternate to relaxing. you only have to do it twice a year. I'd love to do it but it costs to much right now. It starts at $400. annually that's twice as much as I spend on relaxers. maybe when I get a job.

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