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The most beautiful Wedding dresses [19 Jun 2014|05:07pm]

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[10 Oct 2012|12:20am]

hey guys! long time no see! i've got a new comedy video about natural hair along with a new tutorial to share. enjoy!

barrel roll tutorial after the cutCollapse )

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[25 May 2012|07:11pm]

im 21 years old and i still know nothing about my hair :(
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How're we doing, ladies? [17 May 2012|11:07am]

This post is something of a progress report and advice forum combined.

I want everyone to talk about what they've been trying to accomplish, how far they've come, their methods, alternate methods you're thinking of trying if it's not working out, etc. Maybe other members will have knowledge of your issue and post constuctive feedback. You never know.

For me, my hair is resting on the base of my neck and would be on my back if I took it out of my braids / straightened it. That's the longest it's possibly ever been, so I'm pleased. My methods are still very basic. I wash with Pantene Relaxed and Natural, condition with VO5, deep condition with Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Packs, do the occasional Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer spritz, and wear it in protective styles like braids and rope twists. Hair's gonna grow no matter what, so not ripping it out seems to be doing the trick. I still have hyperpigmentation and stretch marks, but that's because I haven't tried anything on them yet. Some chick did my make-up for graduation and I've since learned the use of a good foundation, though.

What about you?
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hairstalent review [06 Apr 2012|12:22pm]


after several bad relaxers in a row I've finally had a wonderful relaxer day! I've said in a past post that I was starting to hate relaxer days because all my stylists seemed like they were trying to ruin my hair. I got it under processed twice, badly corrected, and got scalp burns twice. I had never experienced this before. I saw hairstalent on youtube and this stylists looked like she knew exactly what she's doing. plus, she's white! but please don't judge her negatively for that. her name is gina rivera. she's has had an interest in curly hair and has been working with black hair for 30 plus years. just look her up. she knows a lot more than most black salon stylists, if not all. and she cares for health. she also knows how to do thermal relaxing on black hair in  a way that's less damaging than relaxing.

I live in new jersey, so I traveled two hours away to see her (by dragging my poor dad with me). she based my scalp, applied my relaxed neatly and not on my scalp. and when I say not on my scalp, I mean NOT on my scalp. and she used a mild mizani relaxer for color treated on my under processed hair. I think it's all gone but I won't know for sure until I wash it. when I went under the sink she spent 15 minutes rinsing my hair thoroughly to get rid of every molecule of relaxer. the relaxer also comes with a deep conditioned it and an optional trim. when I came home my mom said my hair looked indian. she couldn't believe I was going to a white stylist before. 

the bad is the commute. I don't want to bother my dad again and my mom hates driving long distances. ms.rivera suggested that someone can just drop me at new york, I can take the train, and she could pick me up from the station, but the train ride costs $60 round trip I think. I have to hurry up and get my license! another thing is that I didn't get to use "fred", the name of the steamer. I find my hair loves steaming and I thought she'd but me under while I was deep conditioning. oh well, maybe next time.

she also told me I'd be a good candidate for thermal conditioning. with this process my hair will lay down more, have no weak point between my new growth and relaxed hair, and it's a healthier alternate to relaxing. you only have to do it twice a year. I'd love to do it but it costs to much right now. It starts at $400. annually that's twice as much as I spend on relaxers. maybe when I get a job.

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hair growth update (first post here) [06 Apr 2012|12:18pm]

so just two days ago I got a relaxer from hairstalent. that makes it 13 weeks since I had my last relaxer which means, according to my normal growth rate, I would have had an inch and a quarter of growth. but I also got my hair cut at home in the middle of january 2-3 inches, I never got it straightened so I didn't measure. I also got a little trim at hairstalent, probably no more than half an inch. my ends are perfectly blunt now, and I won't be trimming for half a year, not including dusting. speaking of dusting, I just did that today. I know, I'm getting scissor crazy. but it's not like I loose length by dusting, and I like blunt ends. I don't see many split-ends, but white break points near my ends. there's no way to really get rid of those, grr...

so I measured my ends it measures 23 inches. just two inches away from waist length! I feel like I can reach any length now! so if my calculations are correct, if my hair was 24 inches last relaxer, 3 months has pasted, and they're 23 inches... according to my normal growth rate I should have been 25 1/2 to 26 inches. probably would have been 26 because I've been using growth aids. it adds up because 26 minus 3 = 23, my current length. but at least since my ends are so even my hair will grow out more even, too. 

 hair after hairstalent                                                                 

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Product Review: Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hairline Growth [27 Dec 2011|11:27pm]


It's been a year since I started using JBCO on my hairline. Here are my results!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil on Amazon.com

Full Disclosure: This product is linked using Amazon's affiliate link program. I have not been paid to endorse JBCO and have purchased it on my own accord.

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Flat iron + curling iron recommendations? [26 Feb 2012|11:04pm]

I've been browsing Folica for 2 weeks for one of each of the above mentioned hair appliance. I cant bring myself to make a definite purchase because there's always a handful of user comments in the review section  that are essentially "WORST APPLIANCE EVER!!!! DONT BE FOOLED BY THE HYPE!!!!!". They're the clear minority, but I cant help but wonder!

Products under strong consideration:I've heard good AND bad things about CHI and Sedu, hence my indecisiveness. Really, if you have good things to say about ANY brands, I've love to hear from people who I can at least guarantee arent marketing plants. :P Further info, for what it's worth --

Further info/past experiences.Collapse )

Bottom line? Help me cut through the inflated hype, bells, and whistles. I get that most of the buzz words ("ionic", "tourmaline"), are just that -- buzz words to market products. It's also said that more expensive tools = higher quality products. I'm partly compelled to believe this, because I've never paid more than $40 for hair appliances, and have to replace them within 1-2 years (OR LESS, CLEARLY). But of course, I'm happy to spend less if prices are truly irrelevant as far as informing quality.
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Suggestions for light protein treatments? [27 Feb 2012|10:42pm]

Background reference: My hair has been natural for the past 10 years or so, I don't heat style ever, and I just cut about three inches of split and damaged ends off yesterday.

I think my hair is having porosity issues, as it rarely feels soft and moist. It takes forever to feel fully soaked in the shower. I've been deep conditioning weekly for the past couple of months and use supposedly non-stripping, moisture infusing products, but I don't really see any difference from when I used to just condition 5 minutes in the shower after washing. (Granted, I was alternating cowashing and shampooing in the past, but still, you'd think adding a 30 minute DC to the routine would help even if I did switch back to simply shampooing once a week.)

After doing some reading on the intarnets, I feel like protein treatments are the way to go toward correcting some of the damage, but I'm worried that somehow I'll overdo it in the opposite direction and end up with hair that's still dry and crunchy, but in a different way.

So my question to you, dear ladies (and gents), is what are your suggestions for light protein treatments you've used personally? I tried the Ion Effective Care Treatment last wash day, and I didn't experience any noticeable difference afterwards. Maybe my expectations were simply too high and I shouldn't have expected instant results? And has anyone tried Original Moxie's Re-Wind Protein Treatment? I've been eying it for the past week or so, since I've heard good things about their product line and prefer to use all natural products, but man, it's expensive! (And one of the few items they don't have samples of D:) I'd rather not spend that much money on a product I'm not even sure will work for me. I'm also open to trying any homemade protein treatment recipes, but I'd prefer them to be vegan if possible.

Also, is elasticity tied into porosity in ay way? I've been watching a lot of Youtube hair vids lately, and am terribly jealous of how most of the girls' hair pulls and stretches, then snaps back like a teeny rubberband when wet. My hair will stretch, but then sort of stay there all puffy and sad. I don't know if it's just one of those things that varies from person to person, or if it's another sad sign of weak, damaged hair :C


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Hyperpigmentation [15 Feb 2012|05:10pm]

Acne is not a huge issue for me per se, but I do have some dark spots on my face that I wouldn't mind removing.
Should I invest in Proactiv (with the dark spot corrector as my free gift), Clinique's Even Better Skin Corrector, or something else?

Use this post to discuss your skin concerns/solutions too!
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Houston recommendations [14 Jan 2012|08:10pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

I'm looking to get some kinky twists. I used to go to a place (which shall remain nameless) but I'd rather not go there; I'd like to switch it up and that place was just a very stressful environment. Anyone know of a place in Houston or the surrounding area? Also, it would be helpful if you could include price range. Thanks

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Product Review: Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hairline Growth [02 Jan 2012|10:44am]

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Chesca & Mommalocs vlog: Natural Hair [02 Jan 2012|10:33am]


This Christmas I filmed a video blog with my mom answering questions submitted on Facebook and Twitter. In this clip we talk about what my mom thought of my going natural, starting locs and would she ever consider going natural. We had fun filming this, so I hope you enjoy!

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Loc Hairstyle Tutorial: Loc Knots 2.0 for CURLIER results! [11 Dec 2011|02:14am]

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Loc Hairstyle Tutorial: flat twist faux hawk [07 Nov 2011|10:48pm]

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Loc Knots tutorial featuring Gayle King! [22 Oct 2011|08:49pm]


after photoCollapse )

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Product Residue. [14 Oct 2011|02:12pm]


I'm a natural with 4B hair. Recently I've noticed that after I wash/condition or co-wash and dry (not completely)... white residue of whatever product i place in my hair afterwards (leave-in, hair creme)... so much that I have to wet my hair and just put aloe vera in my hair - it seems to be the only thing that doesn't leave behind white residue. This hasn't happened before so I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this and solutions. Does this mean I need to clarify my hair? I'm so confused.
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natural hair styles? [05 Oct 2011|10:55am]

Just curious if anyone knows of a site where I can view PHOTOS(not videos) of different natural hair styles.

I have a hair appt soon and I wanna give my hair guy some ideas of what I want.

I do the whole YT thing. I am not looking for videos... but like photos. Sorta like a hair magazine but online.

Thanks in advance if you have anything..

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French braid wrap tutorial [27 Sep 2011|07:57am]


I finally did a tutorial for one of the most requested styles in my hairstyle promo video. It's super easy and will work on a variety of hair lengths. Enjoy!

funky mowhawk pic after the cutCollapse )
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Chescalocs promo [16 Sep 2011|08:23pm]


I just made a super short stop animation promo video for my hairstyle channel featuring some of my favorite styles and thought I would share :) it took me a little over an hour to do all of these styles and I shot around 200 photos and then edited it down to about 150 for the video. Enjoy!

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